About Us
We have an office staff of fifteen (15) people which consists of eight (8) Property Managers, two of which have an R.P.A. designation, four (4) accounting staff including the Controller, two (2) property manager assistants, one administration staff, and one receptionist. WHAT WE DO: Specialize in Risk Management and Preventative Mainten. Provide qualified and licensed Property Managers for our buildings. In house maintenance is available for all owners/tenants. Qualify and screen all sub tradesmen when required.  
Provide inspections for structural and mechanical areas of the buildings. Budget - Create building specific budgets for each project. Insurance - Provide qualified insurance representatives for all needs. Administration - Fast, efficient processing of all changes and day to day operations. Accounting - complete set of Financials with full details submitted in a timely manner. Legal - DMS offers excellent legal services when required.  We excel in arrears collection. Fees - Assist Corporations in setting of fees and enforcement. Condominium By-Laws - We make recommendations to revise incomplete by-laws, which are effective and   comply with our Condominium Property Act. DMS provides Educational Seminars for our Board of Directors, covering such ‘Hot topics’ as Financial Information, Legal information and up and coming changes by the Government with regard to condominiums.
WE WORK WITH BUILDERS/DEVELOPERS: The management and staff at Diversified Management Southern have a keen interest in your property from the foundation up.  We have qualified staff in all areas from construction to management of buildings, including Building Operators and Power Engineers. We also work with Developers in formulating a viable Condominium Board as well as drawing up By-Laws and all aspects of making the development work.
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